Prvá pltnícka a raftingová spoločnosť s r.o. (First rafting company Ltd.) was founded in 1999 as an entrepreneurial entity whose main activity is aimed at reviving the rafting tradition on the river Váh, on its historically most famous part – Strečno valley. Rafting on the Váh takes place in accordance with Shipping measure n° 3/2000 (concerning the navigation of passenger rafts on the Váh river between Barierová and Strečno) issued by the State Shipping Office in Bratislava. All rafts are labelled with the type symbol “Strečno”. The growing interest, satisfaction and positive feedback of clients from all around the world, and the professional management of a whole range of services in the framework of this unusual offer, with typically Slovak elements, suggest that you too will be interested in visiting us. We would therefore be very happy if you accepted this invitation.

We hope to see you soon in Strečno!

First contact spot: The passengers gather and book their places in Farmstead house.

Address: SNP 86, Strečno

GPS: 49°10’55.87″N 18°51’48.56″E

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